2020 Perinatal and Infant Mortality Summit

2020 Perinatal and Infant Mortality Summit Attendees & Speakers


2020 Perinatal and Infant Mortality Summit

Summit Presentations

  • Welcoming Remarks, Donald Dudley, MD
  • Guest Speaker, Ann Heerens, MD, MBA
  • Carrie and Noah’s Story, Crystal Matthews*
  • Zoe’s Story, Shirelle Sullivan
  • Update on Governor’s Five-year Goals & Strategies, Governor Ralph S. Northam
  • National Trends in Mortality & Maternal Levels of Care (LOCATe), Julie Zaharatos, MPH (Presentation PowerPoint)
  • Beyond Extreme Prematurity: Management and Outcomes of the 22-23 Week Premature Infant, Jonathan M. Klein, MD (Presentation PowerPoint)
  • Caring for the Caregiver & Trauma: Informed Care for Families and Patients, John Richardson-Lauve, LCSW (Presentation PowerPoint)
  • Screening of Laboring with Hope & Presentation, Nakeitra L. Burse, DrPH, MS, CHES (Presentation PowerPoint)
  • Discussion on the Management of the 22-23 Week Gestation Premature Infant and Mother Dyad, Donald Dudley, MD and Joseph Khoury, MD

*Click here to learn more about Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE)

Breakout Sessions

Community Track Breakout

Injury and Violence Prevention, Domestic Violence, Community Involvement to Improve Maternal and Infant Outcomes

Raven E. Dickerson, MSW, CNP

Maternal Track Breakout

Implementation of Maternal Mortality Report Recommendations

Melanie Rouse, PhD
Rachel Fried, MHA (Presentation PowerPoint)
Donald Dudley, MD (Presentation PowerPoint)

Neonatal/Pediatric Track Breakout

Establishing Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) or similar

Lori Dippold, MSN, NNP-BC
Barbara Snapp, DNP, NNP-BC
Joseph Khoury, MD
Jonathan Klein, MD
Jonathan Swanson, MD, MDc
Ann Heerens, MD, MBA

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